About Us

About Us

As a Swiss family company, our values are founded in tradition.

A culture based on meaningful relationships, ethics, and a deep sense of responsibility. We are proud to say it’s these same values that drive our business, our passion to innovate, and our dedication to clients and partners.

We work with local SME and International companies. We understand how you work and make the link between your business, your people, your processes and your data. We listen to you.

We concentrate on business gains. IT is just a tool.

In the early 2000’s, we discovered Open Source projects in the US. Coming back to Geneva, we started a company to share this opportunity with other companies.

We have shifted our focus, but not our mission: giving you the power over your data.

We hate repetitive work. We hate the little gaps between systems, between processes, that take up all your time. We prefer spending time on making a difference by adding value.

We specialize in getting your systems to work for you and not the other way around.

We have an impressive track record and large enterprises trust us too. Take a look.

Take a look

Digital Transformation

Is your organization truly leveraging the power of digital technologies?

Data Solutions

Are Your Data Systems an Asset or a Liability?

Web Solutions

What your organization desires from a web solution?

Strategic Partnerships

It's our extensive experience with our strategic partnerships that allow us to deliver the highest standards that your organization will benefit.

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Our team

Meet the passionate people who can help transform your business.